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GSK: Driving brand compliance on the intranet

Global healthcare company GSK has used a brand template to make hundreds of intranet sites brand compliant. Previously sites were disparate and off-brand.

As publishing is decentralised, the intranet team has used an ingenious mixture of training and support tools to make these changes. This includes using a PowerPoint tool to allow site managers to create a mock-up of their newly brand compliant site.

This has allowed site managers to take a self-service approach to implementation, saving the firm millions of pounds in cost-avoidance and allowing for centralised changes in the future.

Why this won a Gold award

  • Making global intranets which are decentralised and have had little governance brand-compliant is very difficult to pull off, but this has worked.
  • Designing the implementation around a self- service approach is unusual and original.
  • The support tools have been very well- designed, reflected in the lack of issues reported.
  • The use of the PowerPoint tool to create mock-ups is particularly innovative.
  • The impact is significant not only in the cost savings achieved but also moving the intranet to a position of strength with brand compliance and ongoing governance.

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