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Goldcorp: Delivering a true enterprise-wide intranet

Mining company Goldcorp has used the opportunity of upgrading to SharePoint 2013 to deliver a much improved intranet experience across all its locations. Consolidating 13 local intranets into one, the new platform delivers personalised news and content to make it relevant for users. The new intranet includes a ‘hub’ area where Nintex-powered notifications and links to sites are included.

Other key features include improved navigation and search, mobile optimisation, commenting on news and a new devolved permissions management model. The intranet rollout has been accompanied by extensive change management efforts.

Why this won a Silver award

  • This is a very solid intranet implementation with a range of must-have features for a modern, enterprise-wide intranet.
  • There’s some innovative design and content features in this implementation, including embedded training, transparency around sites and the ‘Goldcorp at a glance’ feature.
  • Extensive thought has been given to change management, from rolling out permissions management in the old solution so people could get used to it to the targeted training directed to different groups.
  • We particularly like the hub area which drives efficiency.
  • There’s a healthy emphasis on supplying multi-language capability to ensure inclusiveness.

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