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GJK Facility Services: Building an intranet with users at the centre

GJK has created an intranet that is focused on the needs of a diverse workforce, including its frontline cleaning staff. The new intranet, called ‘Ask George’, has several innovative features including an auto-translation capability that supports staff who don’t have English as a first language, as well as a targeted homepage for cleaning staff which can be consulted on a mobile device.

Other notable areas include a Knowledge Hub featuring ‘how to’ information, a policy and procedural library, a peer-to-peer ‘kudos’ feature, accessibility features, and the introduction of several online forms.

The intranet comes with a clean design and distinctive branding, based on the Ask George character. The intranet has also been launched with an innovative campaign.

Why this won a Silver award

  • We love the emphasis on supporting a diverse, predominantly frontline workforce.
  • The automatic translation feature is successfully opening up intranet content to all staff, and supports inclusivity.
  • We applaud the accessibility features, including the large text option and high colour contrast mode.
  • Overall, the design of the intranet is clean and pleasing.
  • The homepage focusing on the needs of cleaners is well thought-through.
  • The ‘Where’s Wally’ style launch campaign is well executed and makes good use of the Ask George intranet character.
  • Online forms are clearly improving some processes and getting good levels of adoption.
  • This is a strong effort for what is the company’s first enterprise-wide intranet.

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