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Deloitte: Creating an integrated digital ecosystem

Deloitte LLP has created a vision for a new digital ecosystem based on SharePoint 2010. This includes a new responsive intranet design, an Alerts app and mobile access. Intranet content is delivered to smartphones via container apps.

The ecosystem also includes Talent on Demand, a self-service HR portal with personalised content. Extensive integration with nearly 20 systems allows users to carry out a huge number of HR-related transactions.

Why this won

  • ?This is a very well thought out and integrated digital strategy which aligns with organisational strategy and has delivered a number of key improvements.
  • The integration of the HR portal is very impressive and rarely achieved on this scale, with a huge array of self-service transactions spanning many people-related processes.
  • The ability to interact with HR professionals at the shared service centre via a chat facility is an innovative touch.
  • Mobile access has been very well executed, serving the needs of staff who are often on the go or on site with clients.
  • The design based on Windows 8 style tiles is modern, clear and consistent.

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