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CRIF: Improving processes via a digital workplace program

CRIF, a technology and business services provider, has implemented a digital workplace program centered around a SharePoint-based intranet called MyCRIF, a custom employee directory involving integrations with HR SAP and SuccessFactors Learning, and a series of HR process improvements that leverage Nintex-based workflows and automation.

Notable elements of the program include a commitment to user research, a well-implemented set of employee profiles, and the ability to carry out HR processes via self-service through the intranet. The program has been implemented in a series of waves with a set methodology for each stage. Further waves, including a set of analytics dashboards, are still to be implemented.

So far there have been tangible improvements to efficiency, particularly around streamlining HR processes, including employee onboarding.

Why this won a Silver award

  • This is a spirited implementation of an ambitious project with wider aims for the digital workplace.
  • There’s some strong HR process improvement work involving Nintex workflows, particularly in automating a complex onboarding process.
  • The employee profile is particularly extensive with integrations with SAP / SuccessFactors.
  • We applaud the commitment to digitising workflows and opening them up to employees via an area of the intranet.
  • We like the integration with CRIF’s learning management system to enable users to view learning tasks and content.
  • There is a strong implementation methodology with the rollout spread over a number of waves, which has limited disruption to users and made the program easier to manage.
  • There’s a strong commitment to user research and discovery to ensure the solution is user-centric.

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