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Cox Communications: Improving a complex, personalised intranet

Cox Communications has created a new intranet called CoxOne based on a customised SharePoint environment. The new intranet includes a number of innovative features including a dashboard for managers, integrations to deliver playlists of learning videos, a ‘Need to Know’ list of tasks and reminders, and an integrated chatbot. There are extensive integrations with Workday, Viva Engage, an employee recognition system and more. Personalisation and content targeting is extensively used.

The Communications team has also taken an innovative approach to using analytics for improvement, using an aggregated engagement score to compare content performance, creating a bespoke Tableau dashboard and using several complementary analytics tools. Early metrics suggest the new intranet is having a highly positive impact.

Why this won a Gold award

  • This is a great intranet implementation with strong use of personalisation and content targeting.
  • We like the interesting and innovative approaches to analytics that have helped stakeholders to focus on engaging content.
  • The My HR dashboard is well executed.
  • The Leaders Hub dashboard is excellent and has successfully engaged more managers since launch.
  • There are some well-considered integrations that add value, including the learning platform and the employee recognition system.
  • Some specific content areas such as the homepage and tools directory are well laid out and take a user-centric approach.
  • The Viva Engage integrations are already helping to increase social collaboration.
  • There are strong approaches to content governance, including the ongoing archiving of news.
  • Even though it is still early days, the initial impact is very positive.

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