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Cerebral Palsy Alliance: Creating a robust intranet from scratch

Australian charity Cerebral Palsy Alliance has created a new intranet based on SharePoint Online and Microsoft Viva Connections. The team has executed an extensive project methodology with a detailed discovery period, a thorough content audit, robust governance, a steering committee and working group, engagement with devolved content owners and more.

Notable features of the new intranet include a Viva Connections dashboard supporting common tasks, a new policy document library, an analytics dashboard based on Power BI and the recreation of a popular newsletter as an area of the intranet. The intranet has already achieved strong levels of adoption with 90%of employees using it.

Frontline staff can now access the intranet for the first time, with some of them accessing it via the mobile Teams app.

Why this won a Silver award

  • There was a massive reduction in content from the old intranet to the new Hub as a result of the content audit.
  • This intranet implementation was impressively delivered within a narrow and ambitious six-month period.
  • The very detailed project methodology follows multiple good practices, particularly around governance.
  • There is strong support for content authors with ongoing engagement and recognition.
  • Communication with stakeholders and sponsors has also been well executed.
  • We love the recreation of the ‘Around the Grounds’ newsletter brand as an area of the intranet, helping to support adoption.
  • There’s a good commitment to analytics with the Power BI dashboard, and making this available to content owners.
  • The levels of adoption are excellent.
  • There’s a good use of the Viva Connections Dashboard to connect frontline staff to task-related resources.

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