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BCD Travel: Managing a world-class SharePoint intranet

Travel firm BCD Travel has successfully evolved its intranet MySource, based on SharePoint Online and other Microsoft 365 tools, through a series of well-executed intranet management practices and approaches. These include the definition, design and deployment of five key intranet templates, an advanced site audit process that involves a quality scorecard, and creating a ‘look book’ asset that provides examples of good practice for site owners. The team has also developed a communications plan template and process to help site owners to provide more effective communications.

Over two years, intranet capabilities have expanded through continuous improvement. Adoption and user satisfaction have also increased, reflected in survey results and a leap in net promoter score (NPS). This has all been achieved by a small intranet team of two.

Why this won a Silver award

  • Overall, there are some excellent intranet management practices that will provide inspiration for other teams.
  • Site templates are very well thought-through, and have been successfully deployed across the majority of sites on the intranet.
  • We love the innovative use of the look books with content owners.
  • The communication plans are a great aid to support non-professional content owners with their comms efforts.
  • The overall site audit process is comprehensive and the quality scorecard is another great approach.
  • We like the consistent use of the four main intranet purposes in promotion and reporting.
  • The levels of adoption and user satisfaction are impressive, and the leap in the NPS is notable.
  • The fact that this has all been achieved by a team of two is impressive.
  • Winning a Step Two award two years running is unusual and demonstrates the excellent execution of the team.

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