Step Two Designs have published an ever-growing number of articles. These are written from an independent and vendor-neutral perspective, and aim to give readers real value and concrete information.

You would be welcome to republish some of these articles in your customer communications. This is intended to be a win-win outcome:

  • You gain valuable content that your customers will find useful (making a change from product announcements).
  • We continue to gain visibility for our vendor-neutral services.

It is important to highlight from the outset that any syndication must be done in a way that does not adversely affect our independent status; we must not be seen to be endorsing your product, merely providing information to your customers.

That being said, our articles have been written to be distributed as widely as possible, and we will endeavor to make this as easy for you as possible.

There are three ways of syndicating our articles:

OPTION 1: Referencing an article

You are welcome to provide a link to any of the articles on our site, without requiring any specific authorisation from us.

This includes linking to articles from your web pages, or in printed materials.

We ask that you make the source of the material clear, so that our articles are not perceived as product materials produced by you.

OPTION 2: Including an article as-is

You may either:

  • Reprint an article as-is in your printed materials.
  • Include a PDF as-is, on a web page or in an e-mail.

In either case, the article must be reprinted from the PDF (not HTML) version of the article, and left entirely unchanged. If required, we can provide a copy of the PDF which does not include any last-page adverts for our products.

Where required, please indicate the source of the material, so as to distinguish it from any content you have written.

  • You must obtain written permission in advance before syndicating an article via this method.
  • You must provide a link back to our site next to the article(s).
  • We must be provided with a copy of any corporate communication (printed, web page, etc) that includes a copy of one of our articles.

OPTION 3: Republishing an article

You may wish to republish an article, so as to match the style and layout of the rest of your newsletter, etc.

In this case, you can use the HTML version of an article, and then reformat it to match your specific requirements.

Some requirements:

  • This must be displayed under a heading “Guest Article”, or equivalent, so as to clearly distinguish it from your content.
  • The following introductory paragraph must be included:

    This article is written by Step Two Designs, a vendor-neutral consultancy located in Australia. For more articles like this, please visit:

  • The article must conclude with (may be displayed in smaller font):

    © Copyright Step Two Designs, reprinted with permission.

  • You may not make any editorial changes to the article without first receiving authorisation in writing. This includes adding or subtracting content, or changing the emphasis of the text.
  • You must obtain written permission in advance before syndicating an article via this method.
  • We must be provided with a copy of the final newsletter, etc.

Final note

If any of the terms of this agreement are breached, we reserve the right to withdraw the right to republish our material. In this situation, you must take immediate steps to remove our material from all current and past communications.