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The global pandemic has shown the vital importance of digital tools for employees. This includes having a modern, effective intranet that provides an ‘enterprise front door’ to the wider digital workplace.

Many businesses have taken the opportunity to shift their intranet to new technology platforms, such as SharePoint Online, or one of the many independent intranet solutions. Others have doubled-down on investment into their existing solutions. This has provided new functionality, but can you be confident that your intranet works well for employees?

Under the hood, intranets are complex pieces of machinery, containing many moving parts. All of these need to work together to provide a best-practice experience for employees.

Intranets also can’t stand still. While the pandemic has jumped employee tools forward by years in a matter of days, this is just the mid-point of a journey towards delivering a truly productive digital employee experience.

Whether it’s a SharePoint Modern intranet, or another solution, it’s important not to lose sight of the fundamentals of a successful intranet: a great user experience, a business-led mix of functionality, and a strong management model.

What is needed is a clear assessment of your intranet, measured against global best-practices, and a concrete list of improvements for the year ahead.

Like any complex piece of machinery, intranets need a thorough service

Obtain an expert review to target efforts and plan the year ahead with confidence

Step Two offers a powerful methodology for assessing your intranet: from how the site is designed to under-the-hood management practices.

Our intranet expert review measures a total of 80 assessment criteria, across every aspect of the site, from internal communications to business systems. The criteria provide a comprehensive assessment, from intranet fundamentals to leading-edge features and approaches.

At its heart, the Step Two expert review is designed to keep your intranet moving forward.

The assessment identifies opportunities for your intranet to deliver greater business value, as well as targeting current site strengths and weaknesses.The review draws on 20+ years of intranet knowledge, gathered by Step Two over hundreds of engagements.

Our engagement consists of five main elements:

  1. Reviewing the current situation, via discussions with the intranet team and a review of existing documentation.
  2. Understanding the business landscape by meeting with key intranet stakeholders.
  3. Conducting the expert review of the intranet, across 80 assessment criteria.
  4. Delivering the assessment report, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of the intranet, as well as making practical recommendations for improvements and next steps.
  5. Giving a final presentation to key intranet stakeholders and other business leaders.

We now have a practical and concise document that clearly outlines our intranet’s performance against key success indicators. This was a simple, quick process that gave us an independent picture on what’s working, and what’s not.

It was great to have Step Two’s advice and depth of knowledge to give us perspective and help us ensure a best-practice approach.  I highly recommend the Intranet Review to all intranet teams as part of their annual process.

- Michele Bouchard, Digital Communications Specialist, Canon Australia

Step Two completed a review of our existing intranet to support a transition from a very old intranet platform to O365/SharePoint Online. While there was work underway to migrate content we didn’t have a fully formed intranet vision, governance, or resource management process. We needed a more detailed development roadmap to guide and focus our activities.

Step Two were able to review all aspects of the current intranet and spoke to a range of key stakeholders from the business. They were able to quickly identify our pain points and highlight areas where there was scope for improvement. All the recommendations aligned with both intranet best practice and the business requirements identified by key stakeholders and current intranet administrators.

Step Two’s assessment pin-pointed what was working well now, general areas for improvement, and key opportunities for us to focus on for the next 12 months. Their approach was proactive and pragmatic offering practical suggestions that were realistic and achievable. They also took the time to go through the review in great detail to provide context and explanation for each aspect of the audit, ensuring that our intranet team were fully briefed on each recommendation.

I would highly recommend the Intranet Review to other organisations as a way to help build a more strategic and focused foundation for an Intranet that meets the requirements of their business.

- Justine Cormack, Group Information Services Manager, Beca

Our intranet expert review is about taking actions to better support employees and the organisation as a whole

What you get from the review

  • Quantified assessment of the intranet, highlighting strengths and weaknesses.
  • Recommendations for actions across all aspects of the intranet, outlining practical steps that can be taken by the team.
  • Invaluable input into planning the year ahead, allowing the intranet team to easily prioritise activities and enhancements.
  • Engagement with leaders and key stakeholders, taking them on the journey and demonstrating where work is needed (and why!).
  • Foundation for a business case, giving concrete evidence for proposed improvements and deliverables.

Package details

Our expert review is offered as a package, with a tiered price based on the size (and therefore complexity) of your organisation:

Size of organisation Package price (ex GST)
Less than 500 staff AU$10,750
Less than 2,500 staff AU$12,900
More than 2,500 staff depends on complexity

This fixed-price offering gives you complete confidence about what you will receive, and how much it will cost.

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