Our portfolio

For over 25 years we’ve worked with an extensive portfolio of clients across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the U.S. Our clients span the very largest global companies, down to small non-profits and local government. We’re proud of the work we’ve done, and the unique depth of knowledge it has allowed us to to build, for the benefit of future clients.

With our geographically distributed team, we’ve been working virtually for twenty years. We now employ the plethora of tools available to us to deliver our services across countries and time-zones and can work via your chosen collaboration tools.

We’re listed on the Australian Government’s Digital Marketplace, and on many other federal and state government pre-qualification panels.

Following a recent CMS migration we wanted to run a series of Writing for the Intranet workshops with our authors. They had never had this opportunity before and the feedback we received was very positive. The workshops not only helped develop their intranet writing, but also their wider business communication skills. I particularly liked the workshops’ focus on understanding your audience and the role of your intranet. As a result, we now have an intranet that is almost free of ‘vanity content’ and an author community that’s determined to keep it that way!  Thanks Step Two.

Intranet Manager and Staff Communications Consultant, Energex

A few of our clients

Education & Training
Local councils
Not for profit