Frequently asked questions

When will the Awards open?

In 2024 the Awards open for entries on 21 February 2024 and close on 19 April 2024. Read more about how to enter the awards.

How do I submit an entry for the Awards?

When the Awards are open for entries, the main Awards page will prominently link to the entry page, which will include full details on the submissions and judging processes. Submission is made by completing the online form, which includes uploading the entry description form (a Word document) and related screenshots.

Does it cost to enter the Awards?

No. Entering the Awards is entirely free of charge.

How long does it take to complete an Awards submission?

We ask for as much detail as possible, but it shouldn’t take more than an afternoon’s work to compile the resources and write your submission. However some entrants take longer as they involve a number of people in the submission process and require sign-off from different stakeholders.

Will we receive a certificate or trophy if we win?

Yes. Platinum and Gold Award winners will receive beautiful glass trophies.

Silver entries will receive a engraved medal, and all winners are provided with a digital badge to display on your intranet.

Will there be an awards ceremony?

In the past we have arranged award ceremonies around the globe, and we typically run events in Australia, UK and USA, as well as an online event. Decisions will be made later in the year.

When personal presentation is not possible, Awards will be sent directly to winners.

Does my intranet or digital workplace need to be in English?

No, we’re very happy to accept entries from across the the globe, regardless of the language the intranet or digital workplace is published in. (We’ve already had winners from Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Russia, Denmark and more!)

You will, however, need to fill in the entry form in English, so we can judge your work. Please also explain the screenshots where appropriate.

Do you accept submissions about related initiatives such as apps or collaboration platforms?

The Awards are interested in the widest possible range of solutions that target workforce (rather than customer) needs.

Therefore whether your submission relates to an intranet, a business app, a social intranet, an HR portal, a standalone portal, an internal-facing microsite, an enterprise social network, a collaboration platform, a mobile app, an apps platform, a digital workplace, a chatbot or even a site which blends internal and external audiences, then that’s fine with us!

Your entry can also be about your approach to the digital workplace such as a governance framework, effort to support adoption and more.

Can I submit the same entry for more than one category?

Yes, the same submission can be entered into more than one category. The categories are indicated on the entry form. You only have to submit one form. 

Can my organisation make more than one submission?

Yes, you can enter as many times as you like. (Multiple entries can be useful for the judges when determining the overall Platinum Award for the year.)

Can past winners enter the Awards in a different year?

Yes.  If you keep doing great work, we’ll keep giving you trophies! :-)

Can I submit a video with my entry?

Yes, you can. All the details are on the entry form.

What’s on the entry form?

Check what’s on the entry form.

If we win, will the details be published?

Yes. All winners and commended entries are featured in the annual report, published by Step Two. We also look for opportunities to celebrate great work in other Step Two publications, reports, blogs and presentations.

Further questions? Email us at [email protected].

Can agencies, consultancies or vendors submit entries?

Yes,  but they must be validated by the organisation who commissioned the work.  Ideally, submissions should come directly from the organisations who commissioned the work but we do accept a confirmation email from the organisation concerned if an agency is submitting on their behalf.

If your client submits directly you are more than welcome to help your clients with their entry or encourage them to enter. We acknowledge the contribution of agencies when we announce the winners.

If you are an agency or vendor and need clarification on entering your client then us at [email protected].

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