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TC Energy: Aligning a modern intranet with workforce needs

TC Energy has launched an intranet for its global workforce. With a multilingual approach and access for frontline employees via the Microsoft Teams app, the intranet aims to be inclusive for all employees. The intranet is feature-rich, using the Go intranet in-a-box product as a base.

Standout areas include an embedded brand portal with a PowerPoint extension, a popular homepage gallery with user-generated contributions, a classified section for employees, and a toolbar with a variety of different options to customise the intranet and change preferences.

Content owners are also well supported through a resource site, a Teams-based community, a series of templates and a content publishing wizard. The intranet is receiving good levels of adoption and engagement with content.

Why this won a Gold award

  • There is a very solid implementation methodology from user research through content migration to launch.
  • We applaud the ethos behind the intranet, which is to make the intranet inclusive and accessible to all employees.
  • The embedded brand portal and PowerPoint integration is innovative and enables a self-service approach.
  • We love the photo gallery and the high levels of engagement it receives and there is good use of imagery throughout the intranet.
  • It’s good to see content owners have strong support and the detailed templates and Add content toolbar option are nice touches that offer real-world publishing support.
  • The safety moments feature helps establish focus on a key value.
  • We like the commitment to using analytics to drive improvement.
  • There are strong levels of adoption, which is a great achievement with a high proportion of frontline staff.

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