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Shepherd and Wedderburn: Designing client and matters dashboards

UK law firm Shepherd and Wedderburn has created a client and matters area of its intranet which creates a number of landing pages for each client, matter (project) and industry sector. Each of these pages is an effective dashboard, consolidating and aggregating data from a number of internal systems and external sources, allowing legal teams to access information themselves in a far more efficient way than previously.

Why this was commended

  • The firm has added considerable value by taking data from a number of disparate systems and concentrating it into one area.
  • The design is clear and logical, allowing easy navigation and drill-down into more detail.
  • Matter and client-related information is critical in law firms, so this solution improves how people work on a daily basis and has the potential to have significant impact.
  • The area has been designed so that it can be built upon and improved, adding other workflow-based processes and other relevant knowledge such as precedents.

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