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Beach Energy: Streamlining a complex approval process

Beach Energy has created a portal to manage the complex approval process relating to starting earthworks projects. This involves different stakeholders and various documentation. Previously the process was carried out by email and carried significant risk of a breakdown in communication.

The new process uses forms, workflow, document libraries and a clear indication of the status of the approval process to drive efficiencies and minimise risk across the company.

Why this won a Silver award

  • This is a powerful example of how you can use relatively straightforward out-of-the-box technology to improve a key process in a cost-effective way.
  • The team has kept things simple, avoiding the distractions of bells and whistles or a change in the basic process, so that users feel comfortable with the new solution.
  • This is having a significant impact in improving efficiency and reducing misunderstandings in a key process.
  • The approach is now being leveraged to improve other processes.

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