To help you consider your submission to the Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards, here are a list of the questions you’ll find on our entry form and also the related Word entry description form.

Your details

  • Email address
  • Brief name for your entry
  • Awards category (select from 4 categories)
  • In-house credits
  • External agency credits
  • Organisation name
  • Country
  • Brief description of your organisation
  • Number of employees
  • Industry segment
  • Your name
  • Job title
  • Organisation you work for
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Secondary contact details

Entry description form

  • How was it developed (Describe the process, activities and techniques used to develop the solution)
  • Your team (Describe the size and skills of the intranet or digital workplace team, where the team sits in the organisation, and how these contributed to delivering the innovation)
  • Business case (Did you create a business case for your project? If so, what were the key points?)
  • Insights (How is the solution innovative or unusual? How does it provide new ideas or approaches that other teams can learn from?)
  • Impact (How has the solution assisted the workforce and measurably benefited the organisation?
  • Lessons learned and advice for other organisations (If you had a chance to do the work again, what you do differently, what suggestions or tips would you give to others considering similar ideas?)

Confirmation and screenshots

  • Confirmation no confidential material is included
  • Submit 2 to 15 screenshots with title and description
  • Upload video or send link to video (optional)
  • Upload any other files if applicable

If you have any questions about the form get in touch!