While many organisations have skilled and experienced teams in place, the challenge remains to learn from what others have done, both within Australia and internationally.

At Step Two, we have probably seen more intranets than anyone else in the globe. Through the Intranet Innovation Awards, we have also uncovered extraordinary solutions from organisations worldwide.

Our advice and mentoring services allows your team to get our knowledge on tap. It enables you to call upon our expertise when you need it, and to be confident that your intranet plans and designs draw upon global best practices.

How we can help

In advisory and mentoring relationships, we work closely with your team to provide support throughout the project. You drive the degree of engagement, when you’d like to involve us, and what you’d like help with.

Our engagements provide:

  • assistance exactly when you need it
  • examples and screenshots from other intranets
  • a second opinion on strategy and design decisions
  • insights and experience drawn from the observation of many different intranets
  • industry best practices and lessons learnt
  • contacts in other organisations who can provide peer support

How it works

There are many ways of establishing a mentoring arrangement, but the simplest is to set aside a small block of time (such as 4-5 days) for use throughout the project. You can then ‘draw down’ the time when you need it, to address the issue or question you’ve encountered.

We provide mentoring face-to-face, as informal meetings or via bigger workshops; as well as remotely, via phone, email or Skype.

Even a handful of days can have a huge impact on the project, ensuring that the hard problems are solved on the spot, while making limited budgets stretch as far as they can.


It’s often the skilled teams that benefit the most from mentoring support, by helping them to push their intranet even further forward. Our clients have included:

What our past clients have said

“James has run a number of mentoring days for the Environment Agency, and I’ve had an epiphany at every one. James’ clarity of thought, wealth of experience and excellent communication skills means he’s able to bring all of those things you kind of know together and make sense of them.”

Simon Ashley, Head of Digital Communication, Environment Agency England and Wales

“James understands the challenges of managing intranets in all business environments. He has given us fantastic insight into online best practice and what the rest of the world is doing. James has really added value to our business.” Matthew Nette, Head of Digital and Creative Services, National Australia Bank

“I would like to thank you for the guidance and support you provided throughout the implementation of the AFC/NFSA Intranet.

“Working on my own for a merged organisation, gathering requirements, choosing and implementing a content management system, and developing the site sometimes caused me to lose focus. Throughout each phase of the project the assistance provided through your mentoring programme was invaluable. After mentoring sessions I found I was more focused and had more confidence in my abilities to complete the task at hand. You always made yourself available for talking through ideas and became a valued member of the team.

“The greatest assistance received was from our scoping exercise. With your guidance I was able to confidently recognise my key criteria and restraints and use those to develop the scope for the launch. The end result has been overwhelming. Our Intranet is less than five months old and we have over 90% of staff accessing the Intranet each day. It has already become a trusted business tool and is continually receiving positive feedback.

“I look forward to a continuing relationship throughout the remaining phases of our Intranet project. I highly recommend your Intranet Mentoring programme to anyone who is committed to continued improvement and development of their corporate Intranet to bring it online to meet business goals.”

Stacey Kernodle, Intranet Project Manager, Australian Film Commission