Designing great user experiences

One of the biggest complaints from users of most sites? I can’t find what I need!

Intranets and websites must easy to use and effective for the business. There is a toolbox of user experience (UX) techniques that can ensure this outcome.

Well designed sites work for users, meet business goals, and are sustainable over time. All three aspects must be given equal weight.

(For more, read Designing intranets: creating sites that work.)

The challenge

It’s not easy to deliver a site that works for users:

  • sites grow organically over time, with content scattered everywhere
  • there’s a lot of content to fit into a single structure
  • there are many opinions, often competing, about how the site should be designed
  • the site has probably been redesigned before, but the problems remain


How we can help

We assist with a wide range of design needs:

  • Designing (or redesigning) intranets to deliver a site that works for staff and the business.
  • Addressing the design challenges of information-rich sites, whether external or internal.
  • Developing effective navigation (information architecture) and page designs (wireframes).
  • Applying best-practice UX techniques including card sorting, co-design, tree testing and usability testing.
  • Drawing on our unique intranet expertise, to deliver sites that truly work for all.

A few of our clients