Our expertise: social and collaboration

New technology is transforming the way we work. Social and collaboration tools have now reached a point of maturity where they are becoming a standard part of the business ‘DNA’.

Organisations don’t change overnight, however, and there is much work to be done to make collaboration a success.

The challenge

Social and collaboration tools are not just ‘turn on and forget’, and there are many issues to consider:

  • choosing the right technology is hard, with so many products in the marketplace
  • social and collaboration tools can compete unproductively with existing platforms
  • a purposeful adoption and change management strategy is required for success
  • without clear governance, social tools can quickly become a mess
  • with the cost and effort involved, there must be a clear business case for social

How we can help

With opportunity comes complexity, and we help organisations to chart the right path through the social and collaboration landscape, by:

  • Conducting field research that uncovers the needs, opportunities and challenges for social.
  • Developing a social and collaboration strategy, and blends business, staff and technology considerations.
  • Building a business case for social, drawing on opportunities within your organisation, and successes.
  • Designing social intranets, that bring together the best of existing and new platforms.
  • Developing adoption and change management plans that will see rapid and sustainable growth in use.
  • Establishing effective governance for social and collaboration tools.
  • Helping to select the right technologies for social and collaboration (read more about our technology expertise).