Our expertise: knowledge management

Managing the information and knowledge of an organisation has never been more important. An aging population is seeing many experienced staff leaving, while those that remain are required to do more with less in these difficult times.

We can identify key knowledge needs and bottlenecks, as well as developing an overall knowledge management (KM) strategy. Our unique strength is in conducting field research to understand the knowledge needs and issues of operational staff.

The challenge

Knowledge is always challenging to manage, particularly in these uncertain times:

  • organisations are under pressure to work more efficiently and coherently
  • information and knowledge overload is widespread
  • the right knowledge is needed to drive innovation and mitigate risks
  • experienced staff are leaving the organisation, taking knowledge with them
  • the importance of KM is not fully recognised by senior management

How we can help

Tackling knowledge management is about understanding the interplay between people as they distil, capture and exchange information (content). The complexity of the resulting processes and technology need to be considered holistically.

Taking a pragmatic approach to KM, we use insights from our research with staff to determine concrete and actionable steps forward.

This includes:

  • Developing a KM strategy that ensures that individual projects (such as intranets, collaboration and document management) are consistent with overall business strategy.
  • Conducting knowledge audits, using practical research techniques that identify the key knowledge and processes in your organisation.
  • Addressing KM in frontline environments, identifying and designing solutions for frontline and operational staff, such as those in branches or call centres.
  • Providing pragmatic KM advice that quickly cuts through the many opinions and theories in the space.

A few of our clients

What our clients say

Choosing the right CMS was a challenge. With time and budget constraints, we felt it was best for us to get professional advice to help us procure the best CMS for our website redevelopment.

Getting James to help identify the company’s requirements and restraints helped us fast track the process. His vast and unbiased knowledge of CMS products provided invaluable mentoring experience to us. We were able to assess the vendors according to our business requirements rather than what the products can offer.

- Chris Poon, Australian Health Service Alliance (AHSA)

The University of Sydney struggled for six months to capture our requirements for a new CMS. When we asked James Robertson to facilitate a two-day workshop, we hoped that he would help us develop a requirements document that would enable us to confidently make the right final decision. James worked with us to streamline our requirements, engage with the relevant stakeholders, and prioritise which selection criteria would actively help us pick the best CMS for the University. In short he helped us to make the hard decisions to choose the best product for our needs.

Similarly, James helped us to procure vendor demonstrations which showed us how each system can create the type of content we regularly produce. He helped us to write scenarios for the demonstrations that were reflective of our requirements, rather than allowing vendors to demonstrate the aspects of their product that they wanted to show us.

These two pieces of advice and assistance really made the difference and helped us to select the right CMS for the University’s needs. We are delighted with both the process and the CMS that we purchased.  We would never have been able to acquire this CMS without James’ expert guidance.

- Jane Clements, Head of Web and Digital Development, The University of Sydney