Step Two Designs provides well-tested in-house workshops on a range of topics. These are based on our highly-successful public workshops, and they offer a cost-effective and targeted way of addressing key needs.

Our in-house workshops can help in many different ways:

  • see what others have done (including screenshots!)
  • explore the leading edge of intranets and digital workplaces
  • get the knowledge to address immediate and long-term challenges
  • obtain best-practice methodologies and strategies
  • build consensus amongst project stakeholders.
  • kick-start a new project
  • learn from the successes (and failures!) of others.

Our workshops are built on real-world experience, not theory. We target your immediate needs and issues, making sure that you get what you need to be successful.

(You’ll walk away with concrete answers, not just more questions.)

About our in-house workshops

Feedback from in-house sessions

“Rebecca at Step Two Designs provided a valuable and much needed service to our intranet content authors by clearly demonstrating techniques and aspects to consider when authoring content. The session gave them time to get hands on experience using their own content to re-write in the session and allow Rebecca to provide feedback and areas of improvement.

“With these new techniques our authors with the support of the intranet team can now start the journey of improving the content and provide a better intranet experience for our people at Bupa.”

Josh Patel, Bupa

“We recently went through a CMS migration so took the opportunity to run a series of Writing for the Intranet workshops with our authors. They had never had this opportunity before and the feedback we received was very positive.

“Quite a few people said the workshops had not only helped develop their intranet writing, but also their wider business communication skills. The great thing about these workshops too is the focus not just on the writing skills, but understanding your audience and the role of your intranet.

“As a result, we now also have an intranet that is almost ‘vanity content’ free and an author community keeping it that way! Thanks Step Two Designs.”

Kristy Long, Energex

Book an in-house workshop

Get in touch if you would like more information on our in-house workshops. We would be happy to discuss your needs, and to tailor one of our workshops to fit your specific requirements.