Award-winning case study: Swisscom


This 15-page case study shares how a Swiss telecommunications firm has evolved their intranet over time into a rich and mature business platform.

Key highlights from the case study:

  • A high-performing intranet which has continued to evolve over a long period of time.
  • Mature governance, budgeting and planning provide an example for others to follow.
  • Rich homepages which split the traditional homepage into two: one for news, the other for a highly personalised task view.
  • The “Ask the Brain” social Q&A feature has had considerable impact.
  • A clear example of how an intranet can mature into a true digital workplace.


Telecommunications company Swisscom has released the fourth major iteration of its employee portal, an environment which has evolved and grown since 2009. The platform has matured through continuous improvement delivered by a stable vision, governance, quarterly releases and four major upgrades.

The latest version includes a sleek design, a new compact navigation, integrated collaboration, mobile optimisation, a social Q&A platform, a personalised dashboard for employees and more. It enjoys high levels of adoption, a wide breadth of capabilities and an elegant design.

This 15-page case study is packed with real-world screenshots and insights that will inspire your leadership team, and help you deliver a successful project.

The homepage of Swisscom’s new intranet. Screenshot appears courtesy of Swisscom.


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