Best practices: enterprise mobility (3rd edition)


The most comprehensive guide available on designing and delivering mobile solutions for staff.

Enterprise mobility has moved from a hot topic to an assumed element of most major intranet projects. Yet many practical questions remain: what to deliver? to who? on what device? and how?

The good news is that projects are now delivering tangible business benefits. Who wouldn’t be impressed by the €140,000 of savings at the Dutch Senate, or the 50% reduction in customer complaints at Barclays Bank?

Obtain the third edition of this report to explore 15 leading case studies, and use the expert advice to deliver great mobile intranets (and beyond!).

Product Description

This is an exciting time for enterprise mobility, and this is the definitive report that shows how make the most of today’s opportunities.

Since we released our first report on mobile intranets two years ago, many more organisations are either planning or launching mobile projects. Responsive design and BYOD are becoming assumed elements of all major projects.

The need for enterprise mobility is great. Staff in the field need to be fully productive. Senior managers have iPads and want access to their emails and documents. Even office-based staff are expected to be productive, wherever and whenever they are.

This high-impact report provides expert advice and case studies on delivering a mobile enterprise. 200 pages in length, it features 15 full case studies, plus supporting advice.

With the pressure coming on many teams to deliver mobile solutions quickly, this report provides practical and must-have guidance.

Using this report

This report contains best practices and case studies that are written as bite-sized chunks that can be dipped into as needed. This allows the information to be used in many different ways:

  • See what others have done, by browsing the screenshots and case studies.
  • Work out where to start, ensuring that you can deliver benefits quickly.
  • Get inspiration for your project, uncovering new ideas or approaches that will increase the impact of your mobile deployment.
  • Avoid common pitfalls, by identifying risks and problems early, and planning the project around them.
  • Use as conversation starters, whether it’s within the team, with stakeholders, or the IT department.
  • Use as evidence, showing your IT team or external implementation partner that it really can be done.

Featured organisations

This is the single most comprehensive report available on enterprise mobility, and in 200 pages it shares insights from organisations around the globe. Case studies include:

  1. Staff and student intranet at QUT
  2. Delivering key content to mobile devices at Arup
  3. Improving customer experiences at Tivoli
  4. Creating a mobile-friendly intranet at the City of Malmö
  5. Implementing responsive design at Stichting Nidos
  6. Supporting on the road staff at Judge Group
  7. Saving money by replacing paper at the Dutch Senate
  8. Increasing productivity at Logan City Council
  9. Driving innovation in enterprise mobility at Aviva
  10. Delivering news and HR processes at Coca-Cola Enterprises
  11. Setting up a digital workplace at Bouygues Telecom
  12. Engaging frontline staff at Barclays Bank
  13. Mobilising collaboration and social at IE Singapore
  14. Extending key processes to tablets at IMF
  15. Organising an internal app store at SAP

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