Award-winning case study: HEINEKEN


This 14-page case study shares “The Green Room”, the visually beautiful solution designed to deliver brand messages in a compelling way.

Key highlights from the case study:

  • A unique approach to communications, brand messaging and staff engagement.
  • A single channel that delivers to both internal and external audiences.
  • An “employee reporter” approach, that helps users to initiate and create stories at a very high standard.
  • Substantial cost savings by replacing multiple existing tools and channels.
  • Features designed to encourage social sharing.
  • Multiple unique features, such as “country cards” which use infographics to convey key brand facts.
  • An attractive and engaging design that sets the standard for brand communication.

Product Description

HEINEKEN has set up a portal for employee stories and other information about their brands. While all content is accessible internally, 70 per cent of it can also be viewed externally. The Green Room focuses on video reports made by a group of employee reporters. The reports are produced to a high quality standard.

The portal supports employee advocacy by encouraging the sharing of stories on external social media. as well as sharing global insights. The Green Room replaces two existing digital channels.

This 12-page case study is packed with real-world screenshots and insights that will inspire your leadership team, and help you deliver a successful project.



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