Award-winning case study: GHD


This 11-page case study shares how a global engineering and professional services firm has delivered an intranet that targets projects and knowledge management.

Key highlights from the case study:

  • Legacy Lotus Notes sites replaced by a SharePoint-based intranet.
  • Well-executed SharePoint project sites have improved how project managers work.
  • Knowledge management has also been tangibly improved by the new intranet.
  • A robust approach to planning and executing the project has reaped rewards.
  • Effort has been put into making sure search really works.
  • Real cost savings have been delivered, for the organisation and for staff.

Product Description

Global engineering consultancy GHD has delivered an intranet based on SharePoint 2013 which is helping employees to share knowledge and collaborate. At the centre is a project portal where employees can access all information about an individual project from multiple sources in one place. There is also a knowledge hub where different groups can collaborate.

The intranet has helped teams from across the globe to work better together, improved project management and driven considerable cost savings.

This 11-page case study is packed with real-world screenshots and insights that will inspire your leadership team, and help you deliver a successful project.

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