1. I like the idea of using XML to store content of a site and at the moment I am trying to create a PHP based CMS which uses XML. Everything has gone as planned so far except that I’ll be implementing a news section which will allows visitors to leave comments. This is where the problem pops up. I will be storing the content of all pages including the news posts in individual xml files so I am thinking if whether I should store the comments also in their respective pages or create seperate xml files to store them?

    If I create seperate files to store the comments, can you think of a way I can establish relations between them? Basically create a link between all comments with their associated post.

    — Naif Amoodi

  2. James Robertson

    Your mileage may vary, but in my experience most CMS products tend to store their content in a database for performance reasons. That also helps with the relationships between pages, comments, etc.

    Of course, the content itself can be stored as XML within a suitable database field, and XML can be used as part of the publishing process if that is deemed valuable.

    Anyway, good luck with the new CMS!

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Published July 2, 2003

James Robertson
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