1. Zeb

    Again an excellent article, covering issues that I think are often over looked when a company talks about utilising such tools. Thanks again!

  2. very very intresting!
    SIngle sign on, strategy, policy and moderation are in fact the key of success (and a right purpose, off course, and follow the needs of people, off course)

    I noticed, in my experience as intranet manager, that is a good practice the feature “report a abuse”. This simple tool allow a more easy mix between “self moderation” and “light moderation”


  3. Excellent article. I will be sharing it with my team who are developing a learning space on the organisation intranet.

    I’m currently researching good design templates for a discussion forum. Any suggestions?

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Published April 28, 2009

Alex Manchester
Alex Manchester is an alumni of Step Two Designs. He specialises in intranet and enterprise social network research strategy and user experience design. Alex works with a wide range of public and private sector organisations and has over eight years experience in this field.