1. Hi James. Thanks for the well-written article. IMO, your #2 “Delivering through the CMS or portal” is the best option. If the portal / CMS you’re using is robust enough, I think many of the disadvantages you mentioned are eliminated.

    The early portion of PortalApp [] development was API oriented, making the product flexible and open.

  2. Graham Tritt

    Really great article. Clear and comprehensive. Thanks. Tomorrow I am rejoining an internet and CMS support group after 2 years in web application development. Also I have several projects in mind for clubs with social networking. So I needed to review the pros and cons. Best wishes, Graham

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Published February 11, 2009

James Robertson
James Robertson is the Managing Director of Step Two, the global thought leaders on intranets, headquartered in Sydney, Australia. James is the author of the best-selling books Essential intranets, Designing intranets and What every intranet team should know. He has keynoted conferences around the globe. (Follow him on Twitter)