1. Michael Pritchard

    Another quality article from Step Two.

    I’m working toward a more business inclusive authorship pool in my organisation, and these pointers are right on the money. Thanks very much!

    A key element for me is copyediting and proofing my contributors’ content. How much is too much?
    I would love to hear Step Two’s thoughts on quality control vs stakeholder preference.

  2. Brian Coles

    Nice article. I’d like to understand how one can categorise who is eligable for a “writing for the intranet” training. In my organisation everyone has the potential to write content for the intranet. We do have content managers, but no “author” network. Is this a course relevant to all?

  3. Rebecca Rodgers

    Thanks Michael.

    As far as how much is too much for copyediting and proofing. I would say, not all content is created equal, firstly concentrate on getting the key information written well and go from there. I wouldn’t worry so much about the inward facing (team only) content.

    You will also find that with training and a little guidance, some of your authors will become ‘good writers’ quickly which will also cut down the need for proofing.

    Probably a topic for another article here!

  4. Rebecca Rodgers

    All content writers could benefit from writing well for the online medium and if you have the ability to offer training to them all, why not!

    Otherwise, you could provide intensive one day training for your content managers and a shortened version including exemplars for all other authors.


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Published September 29, 2011

Rebecca Rodgers
Rebecca Rodgers is a senior member of the Step Two consulting team. Based in Brisbane, Rebecca brings over 12 years experience on a variety of large projects in the corporate world. Her focus is on intranets, usability and user centred design.