1. A very good post. Could I add the value of tracking the companies that could be potential suppliers/partners. There is a great deal of innovation happening in intranets, especially social intranets, and one of these vendors might have just the technology you need.

    It’s not just the core technologies that need tracking. A company recently told me that machine translation was too poor to be of any value. It transpired that the last time they had evaluated the technology options was five years ago, and were totally unware of the way in which statistical probability approaches (aka Google, but there are others) have transformed the quality of machine (why do we never say computer?) translation.

  2. I like to highlight the importance of building a good relationship with partners in the IT department.

    This can help non tech-savvy intranet team members learn about technology and help IT staff learn to communicate in more human terms.

    Too often I hear about intranet managers in Internal Communications or HR who feel very disconnected from the IT Department. It’s always a shame because that’s a critical relationship for successful intranet management.

    • James Robertson

      @Ephraim, we’ve often said “the most successful intranet teams are people people, ahead of any other skills”. As you highlight, this is a perfect example, where relationships with IT are critical for overall intranet success.

Published August 29, 2011

James Robertson
James Robertson is the Managing Director of Step Two, the global thought leaders on intranets, headquartered in Sydney, Australia. James is the author of the best-selling books Essential intranets, Designing intranets and What every intranet team should know. He has keynoted conferences around the globe. (Follow him on Twitter)

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