1. Adam Rees

    Hi Rebecca,

    Good article for those of us who appreciate true merit selection of people and the advantages (and limitations) of leading ‘virtual but real’ teams,

    As a team leader of an Intranet publishing group, with distributed authors across 3 states – I relate to the article. As a measure, my IM status msg is ‘out of sight, but not out of mind.. x486885’. It is also associated with my spectrum number for ease of access and as reminder to others that phone contact is sometimes better than online chats.

    The issue I see for government is harnessing collaborative tools and taking them beyond social networking application. As early usage has been driven by this aspect. In our organisation, we have distinct roles and I see opportunities for role based communities to better share information.
    We need to visually demonstrate advantages to gain broader support and acceptance.

    I’ll be exploring some of the tools/methods you provide in your article – a team blog might be next cab off the rank.

    regards and thanks.


  2. Hi Rebecca,

    These tools that you discuss are very helpful, especially if your nature of work is like remote staff or outsourcing. Communication with the team is very important for giving new updates and discussions regarding the projects or business.

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Published February 11, 2009

Rebecca Rodgers
Rebecca Rodgers is a senior member of the Step Two consulting team. Based in Brisbane, Rebecca brings over 12 years experience on a variety of large projects in the corporate world. Her focus is on intranets, usability and user centred design.