1. Thank you for a very interesting article, you wrote it in 2002 which nearly makes you the Nostradamus of the CMS world ;-)

    However, how about also analyzing the rule of the big guys, now watching google adapting wordpress (indirectly by offering security checkups) and MicroSoft… releasing open source CMS!

    Would be interesting to see how the open source and non open source CMS would do when it comes to future of CMS.

    Thank you
    On Elpeleg
    WebAPP CMS, an Open Source Perl CMS

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Published January 14, 2003

James Robertson
James Robertson is the Managing Director of Step Two, the global thought leaders on intranets, headquartered in Sydney, Australia. James is the author of the best-selling books Essential intranets, Designing intranets and What every intranet team should know. He has keynoted conferences around the globe. (Follow him on Twitter)