Don’t take our word on the benefits of the Step Two Forum. Here are a few of the nice things that members have said about the Forum.

ANZ Banking Group Limited

The Forum has been a saving grace to me. I joined a very technical intranet team and felt a little lost by the knowledge around me. I saw a card that had Step Two Forum on it followed the link in the internet and embarked on a fantastic journey ever since.

The Forum has empowered me to be a contributor to our intranet team, the tools and techniques provided by Step Two are clear, simple and easy to apply, and it is great to talk to so many diverse companies and share knowledge, tips and ticks with lots of laughs along the way.

Michelle Weir, Intranet Search and Content Specialist, ANZ

The Guild Group

My Forum membership is one of the most valuable tools in my “Intranet Manager’s Toolkit”! It provides me with an experienced network of colleagues who get what I do; who understand the challenges I face; who are always available to offer their support and advice when I need it; and who never fail to re-ignite my enthusiasm for all things intranet.

Without the Forum I would just be perpetually plodding along on my own, going through the same, stale motions, not realising all the great things people are doing out there to stretch the boundaries of this thing we call intranet. My interactions with the Forum always leave me with fresh ideas, answers to my tricky questions, and my head spinning with possibilities.

Nadine McMahon, Intranet Manager, Guild Group

Office of Fair Trading

Being a member of the Forum is like being a member of an elite club with enthusiastic members who are more than willing to share information, ideas, and the good, the bad, and the ugly of managing intranets. It gives me support and hope that as a new intranet manager with lots to learn that I have a support network that I can call on to inspire, guide, and mentor me in developing and managing my intranet. And in time I hope to be able to provide advice to others.

I thoroughly endorse the Forum and look forward to continuing to being a member.

Jenny Waldie, Intranet Manager, Office of Fair Trading

Echo Entertainment Group

Since becoming a member of the Forum, I have had the opportunity to interact with others in the Intranet field across a diverse range of organisations in both the private and public sectors.

The value of being able to discuss ideas, strategies and development with others facing similar issues has proven to be invaluable. The Step Two Forum has helped me manage and develop my intranet better and smarter

Peter Richards, Web Master, Echo Entertainment Group


Joining the Step Two Forum has allowed my intranet learning to be exposed to a whole new range of opportunities. By having tailored subjects, it meant that the group would get the most out of our learning, we could brainstorm, come up with ideas, see each others intranets.

I cannot recommend the Forum highly enough if you are seeking to remove yourself from isolation and to move your intranet learning onto the next level.

Jill Stephens, Library and Intranet Manager, Urbis

Human Services Network

The Forum has given me access to a wealth of ideas and experience that I could not have found elsewhere. Group discussions are lively and honest and it is great to hear from people from different types of organisations and professional backgrounds.

I have picked up valuable tips for our own redevelopment project in the areas of IA design, usability and technology selection that I hope will contribute to the overall success of the project.

Alison Warhurst, Applications Officer, Human Services Network

Department of Human Services

The benefits: the ability to refer to other people working in the same industry and keeping in touch with best practice and where things are moving, and having Step Two as experts in their field to facilitate and assist.

Kelly Browne, Web Technical Manager

La Trobe University

We’re a small team with a big task of building an intranet for a university. The Forum gives us access to the thought leadership of Step Two and a wealth of ideas from people who were in the thick of it just like us.

Warrick Glynn, Internal Communications Manager, La Trobe University

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

The Step Two Forum is both an excellent resource and a real sanity-saver. In a job which is very inward facing within an organisation it is refreshing to be able to get together with a group of people who work in the same field and face many of the same issues and find out you are not alone.

I have learned a lot from the presentations and resources provided by Step Two, and even more from the other members of the group. The opportunity to see work that is usually hidden away, to trade experiences and to gather outside input on your intranet work is invaluable. We are a real community and I look forward to Step Two Forum meetings immensely.

Natalie Ryan, Information Management Coordinator, QUT

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