The Step Two Forum is specifically designed to help teams deliver more successful and more valuable digital workplaces. Membership provides many organisational benefits:

  • deliver a better and more valuable digital workplace
  • maximise benefits gained from existing intranet investment
  • achieve more with existing time and resources
  • gain access to the best thinking world wide on intranets
  • stop reinventing the wheel, by making use of proven ideas from other organisations
  • access specialist knowledge to supplement existing staff members, within existing budgets
  • increase team confidence and satisfaction, supporting motivation and continuity of team
  • reduce risks by avoiding mistakes already made by others

Making a case to management

The value of the Step Two Forum for intranet teams is clear, but the challenge may be to put a strong enough case to management. To help with this, here is our suggestion on how to raise the topic with your manager:

What is the Step Two Forum?

The Step Two Forum is a professional community specifically designed for intranet teams and their managers. The purpose of the forum is to allow our team to build new skills and improve the overall effectiveness of our intranet.

Why should I join the Step Two Forum?

Our intranet is [put general statement here about your intranet – at the first stage of evolution and is being used by the call centre only OR recognised as the first point of call for information in insert name of company] . Over the next 12 months the key areas of the intranet we are focusing on are:

  • List 1
  • List 2
  • List 3

[examples: building a content management community, promote our intranet, improve the staff directory, implement electronic forms, redesign the HR section, etc]

We are looking to the forum to provide best practice, how to avoid the pitfalls and concrete examples on these topics.

What do I expect from the Step Two Forum?

I expect the Step Two Forum will provide me with tools, techniques and real life examples of how to improve our intranet. I will be inspired to think about our users experiences in new and creative ways. This will also improve my perspective and focus on what I want to achieve both personally and for our intranet.

Some general hints on how to approach your approving manager

Think about the person approving this request.

What are there expectations of what you and the intranet should next achieve?

Is there someway in which you can provide an example of how the benefits of the Forum match their expectations. Emphasise solutions, answers and outcomes.

Are they interested in one particular area of the intranet or are they focused purely on the dollar value?

Can you value the average cost per day of conferences against the number of days for workshops. Then explain the added value is that the workshop topics are selected by members. There may be a way to factor in real life benefits such as improved information on how to book assessors ultimately reduces the time and assessment takes, improving customer satisfaction.

Do they have an outwards looking viewpoint?

Are they interested in what other organisations are achieving and the benefits of seeing other organisations intranets? Or the experience we gain through the international board of advisors and understanding what is happening in the UK, Europe, US. Managers with this viewpoint are often also interested in building the reputation of your own organisation by being part of such a unique and innovative group.

Do they have a risk based approach to business?

Are they interested in your team avoiding the mistakes that have been done in the past by other organisations and not having to “reinvent the wheel”.

Join now

Join the Forum, and connect up with other active and motivated intranet teams, with meetings in your local city. Learn from the best the community has to offer, and take your intranet to the next level.