The Forum is all about allowing you and your team to tap into the expertise needed to succeed.

Face-to-face local workshops

The central element of the Forum are the face-to-face workshops that are held in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. These are run quarterly:

  • Three facilitated 1/2 day workshops with the topics selected by members. These provide opportunities for your key challenges to be explored the group, along with emerging trends and new ideas.
  • One day techniques intensive workshop that covers the latest techniques and best thinking on intranet strategy, design, management and technology.

These sessions are fully facilitated to deliver concrete insights in a short period of time. A range of topics are covered, including:

  • case studies from members (and beyond)
  • leading thinking from invited experts
  • practical techniques, shared by experienced practitioners
  • group discussions on topics important to all teams
  • hands-on activities to develop key deliverables

Connect and get help

The job of the full-time Forum manager, Catherine Grenfell is here to help you with your challenges. With a decade of intranet experience, Catherine can provide tips, advice and examples that help address immediate needs. She can also connect you up with other teams who have answers for your questions.

You can call upon this assistance whenever you need it, whether related to strategy, design, management or governance. This gives many of the benefits of having consultants on board, but for no extra cost. After all, a trouble shared is a trouble halved!

See other digital workplaces

The hardest thing for teams is not being able to see other digital workplaces. Membership of the Forum gives access to a members area packed with screenshots of member intranets, plus hundreds of other useful resources. These are all shared within the safety and privacy of the Forum, giving open access to what leading organisations are doing.

Other benefits

There are a range of other membership benefits, including:

Six reasons to be part of the Step Two Forum

  1. Be inspired. Four face-to-face workshops each year provide access to the latest research and thinking, and will leave you brimming with ideas and inspiration.
  2. Learn from best practice. Demonstrations of the latest member redesigns from large and small organisations give insight into successful approaches.
  3. Network and exchange ideas. Connect with your peers in similar organisations, during fully facilitated sessions.
  4. Deliver a better intranet. Identify simple changes that have an immediate and lasting impact, while working towards a clear long-term vision.
  5. Get answers quickly. Get Catherine, the forum manager, to chase up answers on your behalf, or to connect you with other peers.
  6. Avoid making mistakes. Make use of the only forum that brings intranets out into the open, for members to learn from and build on.

Join now

Join the Forum, and connect up with other active and motivated intranet teams, with meetings in your local city. Learn from the best the community has to offer, and take your intranet to the next level.

“Joining the Step Two Forum has allowed my intranet learning to be exposed to a whole new range of opportunities. By having tailored subjects, it meant that the group would get the most out of our learning, we could brainstorm, come up with ideas, see each others intranets.

“I cannot recommend the Forum highly enough if you are seeking to remove yourself from isolation and to move your intranet learning onto the next level.”

Jill Stephens, Urbis