The Intranet Roadmap outlines all the activities involved in designing or redesigning an intranet.

In addition to the booklet provided with the poster, we have published 300+ articles covering every element of intranets. This page provides “quick jumps” to articles related to individual steps on the roadmap.

Key articles

Browse through our articles on the activities in the content stream of the Intranet Roadmap:

  • Determine authoring model
    Articles tagged authoring
  • Identify authors
    Articles tagged authors
  • Establish author community
    Articles tagged authors
    Articles tagged community
  • Determine content workflow
    Articles tagged workflow
  • Develop authoring guide
    Articles tagged authoring
  • Train authors
    Articles tagged authors
    Articles tagged training
  • Write and acquire content
    Articles tagged content
  • Migrate existing content
    Articles tagged content migration