In addition to the main program, we are offering three highly practical deep-dive workshops. These offer real-world explorations of key topics, to complement what’s covered in the two previous days of talks.

Like every other aspect of the conference, we’ve put a lot of thought into the workshops that we choose to run. Unlike some other conferences, these are true interactive sessions, packed with real-world examples, discussions and hands-on activities. The sessions are run by experienced workshop presenters who are drawing on a unique depth of knowledge.

Workshop topics

This year we’re offering three workshops, one full-day, and two-half day:

Friday June 8
Morning session 9:00 – 12:00Workshop A (full-day):

Product management for intranet and digital workplace managers, Nick Coster (Brainmates)

Workshop B (half-day, morning):

Exploring the five purposes of modern intranets, James Robertson (Step Two)

Afternoon session 1:00 – 4:00Workshop C (half-day, afternoon):

A non-techies guide to Office 365 success, Kirsty McGrath (OnPoint Solutions)

See below for full workshop descriptions.

Key workshop details

Where: main conference venue (Amora Hotel)

When: Friday June 8

How much: see conference fees

Workshop A (full day): Product management for intranet and digital workplace managers // Nick Coster, Brainmates

This one day workshop will cover the fundamentals of product management, and how it can be applied to digital solutions such as websites and intranets. Presented by a true expert in the space, this will help you learn how to identify your customers (internal or external) and dive deep into their problems.

Key topics:

  • what is a ‘product’ and key product management concepts
  • The difference between a Product and a Project
  • the Brainmates Product Management Framework
  • principles of lifecycle management
  • practice effective ideation and customer validation that will inform Minimum Viable Product (MVP) experiments

The workshop experience is designed around interactive exercises, giving you the opportunity to practice using the tools and templates in the class environment, so you’re ready to use them on the job.

The worksop is based on the Brainmates Product Management Framework and is endorsed by the AIPMM (The Association of International Product Marketing and Management).

Nick Coster is Co-Founder and Head of Training at Brainmates, the home of product management in Australia. His client work includes private training and facilitation, as well as on-site product management coaching. Nick’s passion is helping product managers shift their on-the-job behaviours to build better products. He excels at helping his audience adopt new ways of thinking and creates a safe place to question existing ways of working. Nick is an AIPMM accredited product manager.

Workshop B (half-day, morning): Exploring the five purposes of modern intranets // James Robertson (Step Two)

Today’s intranets play a crucial role in the digital workplace, providing an ‘enterprise front door’ for staff, plus the functionality needed to help work get done.

This session will explore the leading edge of modern intranets, across five fundamental areas:

  1. content
  2. communication
  3. culture
  4. collaboration & social
  5. activity

These will be brought to life using screenshots and stories from the recent winners of the global Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards run by Step Two. This will also be an ideal opportunity to ask Step Two your burning intranet questions!

By the end of this session you will feel inspired by the successes of other organisations, as well as empowered to make strategy and design decisions for your own site. You’ll also be more confident that you know where the potential pitfalls are, and how to avoid them!

BONUS: each participant receives a copy of Essential intranets: inspiring sites that create value, which shares a rich vision for today’s intranets, packed with screenshots.

Speaker-JamesRobertson-afterJames Robertson is a global leader in the intranet and digital workplace community, having written three best-selling books, Essential intranets: inspiring sites that deliver business value, Designing intranets: creating sites that work, and What every intranet team should know. With almost two decades of sustained experience in this space, James has worked with hundreds of organisations to achieve intranet success.

Workshop C (half-day, afternoon): A non-techies guide to Office 365 success // Kirsty McGrath (OnPoint Solutions)

Achieving success with Office 365 means making sure the solution helps everyone in your organisation achieve more in their work day with the tools they have access to. Driving adoption comes from understanding why Office 365 was chosen, the current business challenges and how to address these with the right solutions. It’s also about ensuring people across your organisation understand the benefits and then embrace new solutions.

This practical workshop will focus on upskilling in Office 365 and then building the foundations for a solid adoption program.

Key topics:

  • Learn from an industry leading trainer on ‘what to use when’ in Office 365
  • Explore the vision for Office 365
  • Prioritise key business challenges to be addressed
  • Choose the best Office 365 scenarios to engage users and ensure adoption

Kirsty McGrath is a Microsoft MVP, the Founder of OnPoint Solutions and the convenor of the local Sydney Office 365 Business User Group. OnPoint Solutions is a leading adoption practice that helps organisations maximise ROI through efficient use of technology, particularly centred on productivity and collaborative improvements.  Kirsty is a highly experienced adoption specialist having worked alongside Microsoft with their top 200 clients, leading businesses through large and complex transformation projects.