In addition to the main program, we are offering three highly practical deep-dive workshops. These offer real-world explorations of key topics, to complement what’s covered in the two previous days of talks.

Like every other aspect of the conference, we’ve put a lot of thought into the workshops that we choose to run. Unlike some other conferences, these are true interactive sessions, packed with real-world examples, discussions and hands-on activities. The sessions are run by experienced workshop presenters who are drawing on a unique depth of knowledge.

Workshop topics

This year we’re offering three workshops, one full-day, and two-half day:

Friday September 20
Morning session 9:00 – 12:00Workshop A (full-day):

Taking a business-first approach to Office 365, Rebecca Rodgers(Step Two)

Workshop B (half-day, morning):

Designing a modern intranet homepage, Catherine Grenfell (Step Two)

Afternoon session 1:00 – 4:00Workshop C (half-day, afternoon):

Creating a compelling business case, James Robertson (Step Two)

See below for full workshop descriptions.

Key workshop details

Where: main conference venue (Aerial UTS Function Centre)

When: Friday September 20

How much: see conference fees

Workshop A (full day): Taking a business-first approach to Office 365// Rebecca Rodgers, Step Two

The ​challenge with Office 365 ​is ​to ​ensure ​that ​the ​rollout ​leads ​to ​meaningful ​adoption ​and ​​sustained use, with clear business benefits. Too ​often, ​a technology-driven ​rollout of​ ​Office ​365 fails, not engaging with staff needs or hitting strategic priorities.

To get success, ​organisations ​should ​take ​a ​business-first ​approach ​to ​Office ​365, ​working ​out ​the ​‘why’ ​and ​the ​‘how’ ​before ​getting ​stuck ​into ​the ​what. ​This ​brings ​the ​the ​whole ​organisation ​on ​the ​journey ​from ​the ​C-Suite ​down ​to ​frontline staff.

In ​this full-day ​workshop ​you ​will ​explore ​Step ​Two’s ​methodology ​for ​taking ​a ​business-first ​approach ​to ​Office ​365.

You will have a great opportunity to network with your peers, who are tackling the same challenges. Interactive activities will also be run throughout the day that will allow you to explore your current situation, and how best you can make progress when you return to the office.

What ​will ​be ​covered:

  • Overall ​approach ​to ​the ​successful ​rollout ​of ​Office ​365
  • Key ​activities ​to ​conduct, ​from ​understanding ​the ​business ​context ​through ​to ​establishing ​governance
  • Rolling ​out ​Office ​365 ​in ​business ​or ​technology ​‘waves’
  • Hands-on ​activities ​that ​will ​provide ​you ​with ​a ​takeaway ​worksheet ​to ​kick-start ​your ​internal ​planning

Note: ​this ​is ​not ​a ​session ​for ​techies, ​and ​we ​won’t ​get ​caught ​up ​in ​the ​many ​small ​details ​of ​how ​Office ​365 ​works. ​Instead, ​this ​will ​be ​a ​business-lead ​discussion ​that ​will ​help ​all ​parties ​to ​plan, ​and ​to ​work ​better ​together ​as ​Office ​365 ​makes ​its ​mark.

Rebecca Rodgers Principal Consultant, Step Two. Rebecca has 14 years of experience working in the corporate sector. She has helped a diverse range of clients in energy, government, university and large corporate environments to revitalise their intranets. As a certified trainer, Rebecca regularly runs one day practical workshops on intranet strategy and design, practical intranet governance and in-house writing for the intranet workshops. Rebecca is based in Brisbane.

Workshop B (half-day, morning): Designing a modern intranet homepage // Catherine Grenfell, Step Two

Modern intranets are much more than just a channel for news and a home for corporate content. Instead, they now provide an ‘enterprise front door’ to the wider digital workplace.

This means that intranet homepages should provide a jumping-off point to a wide range of tools and resources, as well as surfacing activity from collaboration spaces and business tools.

In this practical, half-day workshop, you will have an opportunity to explore the new best-practices for the design of modern intranet homepages. You will also sample leading-edge sites from around the globe that are pushing the boundaries of what intranet homepages can do.

What will be covered:

  • Screenshots and insights from a wide range of modern intranets.
  • Best-practices and design considerations for intranet homepages.
  • Hands-on activities that allow you to get stuck into the design process.

The session will be a mix of sharing between participants, and targeted activities that help you improve the design of your own intranet. Make sure you bring along a screenshot of your current site, plus any wireframes, sketches or draft designs for your new intranet!

Catherine Grenfell Community Manager, Step Two. Catherine is the ‘super-connector’ at Step Two, and it’s her job to know who’s doing what in the intranet space. She heads up the Step Two Forum, bringing intranet teams together to share insights and experience. Her journey with intranets began in 2001, developing a HR intranet at AMP. From this humble start, Catherine became one of the most experienced intranet managers in Australia. Catherine has a unique ability to foster teams and communities, and to build stakeholder engagement. She is also passionate about developing organisation-wide initiatives such as collaboration teams, innovation groups and change communities.

Workshop C (half-day, afternoon): Creating a compelling business case // James Robertson, Step Two

It goes without saying that it’s impossible to deliver a great intranet or digital workplace without money, resources and time. While many organisations are back into a ‘growth mode’, projects still have to compete against everything else that’s happening.

As the focus gets broader, from intranets, to digital workplaces and ultimately digital employee experiences, it becomes even more important to build a compelling case for change.

This practical half-day workshop will explore approaches and options for creating a compelling business case, drawing on Step Two’s 20+ years of experience in this space, as well as the shared knowledge of everyone in the workshop.

What will be covered:

  • Framework for planning and creating a compelling business case.
  • Group activities to explore business case options.
  • Targeted activities that will give you a chance to start shaping your own business case.
  • Lead by James Robertson, a perennial innovator in this space, the session will both inspire and inform.

James Robertson Founder, Step Two. James is one of the global experts on intranets and digital workplaces, as well as the pioneer of digital employee experience (DEX). He has keynoted conferences around the globe, and is the author of, Essential intranets: inspiring sites that deliver business value and Designing intranets: creating sites that work. With more than two decades of sustained experience in this space, James has worked with hundreds of organisations to achieve intranet and digital workplace success. James is based in Sydney.