Talking with teams throughout Australia (and beyond), there’s no doubt that everyone wants to attend this conference. We recognise, however, that it can be a challenge to get sign-off and budget from the boss.

So to help you make the case, these are our top six reasons why your boss should sign off on DEX 2018:

  1. It’s now an exciting field, and you want to be among the leaders. Digital transformation is turning to the employee experience, and everything from digital workplaces to intranets is buzzing. You don’t wan’t to miss the ride!
  2. It’s cheaper than an international airfare. Australia is a long way from the rest of the world, making it harder for us to benefit from the best of global thinking. So we’ve brought in speakers from the US, UK, Europe, Russia and beyond.
  3. You have practical problems to solve right now. Hear from speakers who know their stuff, and who’ve been-there-and-done-that, so you can take away practical ideas and approaches that you can apply immediately.
  4. It’s the only conference of its kind in Australia. This is the only true conference on digital employee experiences, digital workplaces and intranets. It’s also completely vendor and sponsor free, so you won’t be paying to receive product pitches.
  5. Everyone else will be there. This isn’t one of those so-called “conferences” with 20 people in a room. Instead, there will be over 150 enthusiastic attendees, and three parallel streams of talks.
  6. It’s everything you loved from previous years, plus more! DEX 2018 builds on six years of previous conference which have delivered remarkable experiences and insights. Your expectations of this year will be high, and we’ll still exceed them!

An email to your manager

When pitching the conference to your manager, why start from scratch! Below you’ll find a draft email, ready to cut-paste-and-edit. Feel free to steal what’s useful :-)

Dear (name),

I would like to attend the DEX conference in Sydney on 6-8 June 2018. I’ve looked at the conference programme, topics, and speakers and feel the investment would be a major benefit to us. It’s Australia’s only real digital employee experience conference, with local and international speakers, and a great chance to connect with other teams.

Good reasons for me to attend:

Excellent presenters and topics. The international speakers include: Neil Barnett from Heathrow Airport, Ernst Decsey from UNICEF in Geneva, Scott Fulton from UK Police and intranet expert Elena Bogdanova from Russia.

Practical and useful content that we can put to use immediately. Step Two — the conference organisers — are experts in the field. They really know their stuff, and have focused the conference on practical, useful and real-world advice. There is also a great mix of leading edge ideas with how-to details.

It’s vendor free, with no sales pitches! There are no sponsors — from vendors or any other company — meaning no time-wasting sales pitches or exhibition booths. Just a focus on sharing the most useful information.

Key details:

  • 24 presentations, sessions and workshops over 3 days
  • International, regional and local speakers
  • 150+ attendees
  • Conference fee of AU$1840, with discounts available for early-bird and Intranet Leadership Forum members
  • Two full-day, separately-bookable workshops on key topics

For more on the conference:

DEX 2018 is the conference that will provide us with the most help in delivering a great digital employee experience.

Warm regards, (insert name)

See you at the conference!