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After the CMS implementation project.

While it is vital to ensure that the initial implementation project is successful, this is only the beginning of an ongoing commitment to growing the…

Using narrative in a CMS tender.

Consider presenting requirements in ‘narrative’ format, as this provides a more complete description of needs, and gives much-needed context to vendors responding to the tender.

Is it DM or CM?.

This briefing helps to dispell the widespread confusion in the marketplace between document management systems (DMS) and content management systems (CMS).

Metrics for KM and CM.

Metrics are an effective way of setting project targets, assessing success, and tracking ongoing health. This article summarises a range of practical KM and CM-related…

Losing sight of the content in a CMS.

Why spend millions on managing content that no-one understands or needs? This article provides tips for getting the best value out of your business content.