Separate design and the CMS.

There are two major elements to most web redevelopment projects: the redesign of the existing site, and the selection of a new (or replacement) content management system (CMS). These two elements reflect the underlying issues that typically drive web projects: the problems with the structure and content of the published site, and issues with the management and publishing of the site. The temptation can be to select a single provider to deliver both the redesign of the site and the underlying CMS. This would, however, be a mistake. Instead, organisations are almost always better served by separating out the design

Introduction to web accessibility.

The industry is finally accepting responsibility for providing accessible websites and intranets. Yet, a great deal of misunderstanding continues to surround the subject of accessibility.

Final website recommendations.

Now that the intranet report for the Area Health Service has been reviewed and signed-off, I've had a chance to finish the report on the review of the website. This includes the following recommendations: Strategic recommendations Focus on depth, not breadth Comprehensively restructure the website Provide complete facility information Empower the website administrators Use the website to reduce call volumes Implement a new content management system Tactical recommendations Maximise the value of the homepage Eliminate duplication Eliminate

Losing sight of the content in a CMS.

Why spend millions on managing content that no-one understands or needs? This article provides tips for getting the best value out of your business content.