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The importance of CMS usability.

The success of a CMS depends it being used, and whether authors create content. It these two challenges makes the usability of the CMS critically…

Usability testing completed.

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days. I've been incredibly busy running usability tests (3 days of 5 per day) at the Area Health Service, while sick with the flu. Looking forward to the weekend. The usability testing went well, I think. We had a huge range of users, everyone from managers, community representatives to the apprentice gardener. Overall, it didn't reveal any startlingly new information. It did, however, confirm the views developed during the usability evaluation of the intranet and website. For example: Most people ignored the options in the header and sidebar. They considered

Assessment, usability testing & KM.

Workplace assessment uses a variety of techniques to determine the competence of a staffperson, looking at areas such as: skills, knowledge, interraction with the environment and other systems. Usability testing uses a variety of techniques to determine how the staffperson interracts with their environment and other systems, to identify deficiences in these systems. Knowledge management uses a variety of techniques to identify areas where more knowledge is required, or processes are lacking. (Amongst other goals, of course.) Interestingly, they all use very similar techniques. It's just the goal of the activity which is different. For example, the course I recently