Over the last decade, intranets have grown to become a must-have tool for most organisations. Often built as a repository for key corporate information, they now play an increasing role in supporting the daily tasks of staff.

The breadth of intranets also brings challenges and uncertainty. Those responsible for intranets face many questions:

  • What role should intranets play within the organisation?
  • What do staff need, and how do we work this out?
  • How do we manage and govern intranets?
  • How do we go about redesigning intranets?
  • How do we deliver innovative intranets?

Step Two Designs is a global thought leader on intranet strategy, design and management. We have published over 200 articles on these topics, along with best practices reports, presentations and videos.

We have now published so much, that even we can have difficulty finding what we need when we need it. We have therefore created this entry point for intranet teams, bringing together the key resources into a single location, giving quick access to the best practice thinking on intranets.

What every intranet team should know

What every intranet team should know

This the ultimate ‘quick start’ guide for intranet teams, covering every aspect of intranet strategy, management and design. A must-have for every intranet team, whether just starting or looking for fresh ideas.

Published as a beautifully printed A5-sized 110-page book, it is sure to stand out on every team’s desks.

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