Intranet Innovations 2015


Screenshots and insights from the leading edge of intranets.

This is the must-have annual report for all intranet teams. Gain inspiration and practical ideas from the 2015 winners of the global Intranet Innovation Awards.

Featuring 18 case studies and hundreds of screenshots, this report will help to build support with senior management, guide your team’s intranet planning, and inspire you to take your intranet to the next level.

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Product Description

The must-have annual report for all intranet teams. Gain insights into the leading-edge of intranets from the 2015 winners of the global Intranet Innovation Awards.

Featuring 18 case studies and hundreds of screenshots, this report shows how intranets can deliver real business value.

This year, the Awards celebrate innovations from:

Gold  awards: Barclays (UK), Bureau Nationale Ombudsman (Netherlands), Dankse Bank (Denmark), HEINEKEN (Netherlands), SPIE-ICS (Netherlands), BNY Mellon (USA), Prestige Financial (USA), Robin Partington & Partners (UK), GSK (UK) and Singapore Management University (Singapore).

Commended entries: BCG Engineering (Canada), Centrica (UK), City of West Torrens (Australia), Deutsche Telekom (Germany), Fish & Richardson (USA), MITRE (USA), Repsol (Spain) and TAFE Queensland (Australia).

About the awards

The Intranet Innovation Awards celebrate new ideas and innovative approaches to the enhancement and delivery of intranets. Uniquely, these awards recognise individual intranet improvements, and not intranets as a whole.

The awards are about improving all intranets, by sharing great ideas and increasing the pace of innovation across the whole of the intranet community.

Snapshot of winners

  • Barclays Bank (UK): A modern and engaging global learning curriculum with bite-sized content that empowers employees to manage their own learning.
  • BNY Mellon (USA): An ambitious personalised dashboard that exposes different types of data to change user behaviour.
  • Bureau Nationale Ombudsman (Netherlands): A beautifully designed digital workplace with innovative design features, drawing on content from different systems.
  • Danske Bank (Denmark): An IT Helpdesk portal that is truly centred on the user, encouraging a self-service approach and driving efficiencies.
  • GSK (UK): A superbly executed initiative to make hundreds of SharePoint sites on a global intranet brand compliant through the use of a new template.
  • HEINEKEN (Netherlands): A highly innovative story-telling platform for employees which uses video and can also be accessed externally by the general public.
  • Prestige Financial (USA): An excellent integration of customer and contact data into the intranet and search, transforming processes for frontline staff.
  • Robin Partington & Partners (UK): A fantastic custom-built digital workplace built from the ground up, packed with fascinating and engaging design features. .
  • Singapore Management University (Singapore): A truly excellent and ambitious modern intranet launch with some creative approaches to design and development.
  • SPIE-ICS (Netherlands): An intranet with a great twist on knowledge management where expertise is categorised through endorsements from employees.

Plus much more!

In addition to the gold award winners, the report provides full case studies for the following commended organisations:

  • BGC Engineering (Canada)
  • Centrica (UK)
  • City of West Torrens (Australia)
  • Deutsche Telekom (Germany)
  • Fish & Richardson (USA)
  • Repsol (Spain)
  • TAFE Queensland (Australia)

Hear what the Awards are all about

Obtain the insight

With winners across four categories (core functionality, business and frontline,  solutions, social, collaboration and communication and intranet rework), there are valuable ideas for every intranet team.

The 260-page Intranet Innovations 2015 report shares the full results of the awards, including screenshots and details of the winning entries. Commended entries provide further insights and examples.

Using the report

The purpose of the Intranet Innovations report is to help you deliver a great intranet. It’s designed to be easy to dip into, to grab a screenshot or insight when needed. The report can be used in many different ways:

  • See what others have done, by browsing the huge number of screenshots screenshots and extensive case studies.
  • Get inspiration for your project, uncovering new ideas or approaches that will increase the impact of your intranet.
  • Strengthen a business case, by showing senior management what other organisations have already delivered, and what benefits they’ve gained.
  • Benchmark your intranet, against innovative examples across a wide range of functionality.
  • Accelerate your redesign, by drawing on emerging best practices from leading intranets.
  • Use as a conversation starter, providing a starting point for discussions amongst all intranet stakeholders, including communications and IT.
  • Avoid pitfalls and problems, by drawing on the lessons learned (and shared) by successful intranet projects.
  • Move the intranet towards a digital workplace, by exploring the expanding horizon of what great sites can do.
  • Plan the next steps for the intranet, and keep your site up-to-date with the leading edge of developments.
  • Rebuild enthusiasm for the intranet, within the team and the whole organisation, via these inspirational examples.

Whether you’re in the middle of a major intranet redesign, or planning incremental improvements, the Intranet Innovations report is a must-have for all teams.

Enter next year’s awards

Next year’s Intranet Innovation Awards will open for entries in April. As can be seen from this year’s winners, a diverse range of ideas from all types of organisations can win.

Visit the Intranet Innovation Awards page to pre-register your name, and we’ll notify you when the awards open for submissions.

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244 pages



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  1. (verified owner):

    The Intranet Innovations award is more appropriate to the very nature of intranets than most competitions, which try to reward entire intranets. We all know intranets are facilitators and not applications in their own right, and Intranet Innovations is based on this fundamental reality. The awards zoom in on specific accomplishments by different intranet teams around the world. The report brings all this to life through concise descriptions, illustrations, screenshots and even photos of the intranet team members themselves.Congratulations to the Step Two team and to all the applicants who contributed to making the awards and the report itself such a stimulating, pragmatic and human piece of work that will inspire intranet teams around the world.

  2. (verified owner):

    Web managers have it easy. They have literally millions of other sites they can look at for ideas and good practice. Not so the intranet manager, who finds it almost impossible to look at other intranets. Even when they do it is sometimes very difficult to find the really neat ideas that could add value to their own intranet. The Intranet Innovations report provides a wealth of advice and good practice based on award-winning intranets that are truly innovative. The value of the awards process and the evaluation of the innovation is that great ideas from around the world are presented in a way that the benefits can easily be assessed.The report will also be indispensable in supporting the internal marketing of the value of the intranet to the organisation. Reading the evaluations will leave no one in doubt that there is a great deal of innovation in intranet deployment, and a great deal of value in considering how these innovations might benefit your organisation.

  3. :

    Innovation will always be required to establish a competitive advantage. This report shows numerous examples of intranet innovation that has demonstrated value and usefulness. The report nicely describes in text and illustrations how the different award winners actually did it and hopefully the many lessons shared will be a global inspiration to everybody working behind the firewall.

  4. :

    The Intranet Innovation Awards are a fantastic step forward in recognising that intranets are not static architectures, but living infrastructures that evolve – excellence lies not in benchmarking against static standards, but in constantly adjusting to meet the collaboration, coordination and information needs of staff, in support of the business. The principle of showcasing great examples from within an intranet infrastructure is a powerful one. The innovations represented in this year’s awards show us all what’s possible if we think specific, think benefits, and think creatively.

  5. :

    A detailed look at some very effective intranets at both small and large corporations and their innovative approaches to improving their respective businesses in North America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

  6. (verified owner):

    Having seen too many ‘best of’ awards, the Intranet Innovations is a breath of fresh air

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