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MARCH 2014

Target your intranet improvements

Intranet improvements must match business goals, meet staff needs and be practical.

CMb 2014-02

Intranet launch videos

Intranet launch videos can be inspirational, influencing or informative.


Selecting the right SharePoint implementation partner

The right technology partner for a SharePoint project is key, and this requires a good selection process.

CMb 2014-01

Collaboration isn’t free

Enterprise collaboration needs to be deployed seriously to succeed, and not treated as a zero-cost option.


Align intranet strategy with business objectives

Intranets add the greatest value when they go beyond just providing content, to directly supporting business objectives.

CMb 2013-11

There is (largely) nothing to fear from enterprise social media

Experience from many organisations is that enterprise social tools generate few (if any) problems.


Designing intranet role pages

Intranets serve many different audiences, and role-specific pages can help to meet these diverse needs.

CMb 2013-10

Signposting within documents

Finding the right document is only half the task: is the document structured in a useful way?


Five hats for global intranet teams

Global intranet teams can (and must) play a mix of roles within large and complex organisations.

CMb 2013-09

Mobile is now an assumed part of intranet redesigns

When conducting an intranet redesign in today’s environment, it’s commonsense to include a mobile element.