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Designing a global intranet for an intergovernmental agency

A case study on creating a global intranet that supports democracy worldwide.

CMb 2014-08

Use the five purposes to guide intranet technology selection

Technology selection decisions need to be guided by the focus of the intranet being delivered.

CMB 2014-07

Tips for designing good online forms

Small design decisions have a big impact when creating online forms.

CMb 2014-06

Finding staff for intranet research

There are both formal and informal ways of finding staff for user research

JULY 2014

Five intranet enablers

Is your organisation positioned to deliver and sustain a great intranet?

JUNE 2014

Use the intranet to improve customer service

Customer service is make-or-break for many organisations, and intranets can help.

CMb 2014-05

Create information clusters, not pigeon holes

When structuring a site, take a bottom-up approach to identify the right clusters

MAY 2014

How ready is your organisation for social?

The starting point for every social project should be a ‘temperature check’ of readiness.

CMb 2014-04

Big intranet project done … what now?

After a much-deserved break, what should an intranet team do after a major launch?

APRIL 2014

Ideation applications on the intranet

Ideation applications tap into staff knowledge to create and share ideas.