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Intranets can mitigate business risks

While intranets can’t prevent disasters, they can mitigate a wide range of business risks.

CMb 2014-13

Information management strategy consists of projects, not policies

Avoid the trap of seeing an information management strategy merely as a set of policies.

CMb 2014-12

Take an ‘all of the above’ approach to intranets

Teams need to cut through religious wars to make the most of both new and old ideas.

CMb 2014-11

Give staff a voice with user-generated video

Video can increase the richness of internal communications, and foster staff engagement.


Designing a new group intranet at the National Roads & Motorists’ Association

A new group intranet brings together a diversity of staff at Australia’s largest membership organisation.


Intranet Innovations 2014: key themes from this year’s awards

2014’s most innovative intranets are transforming HR and using design to deliver real business benefits.

CMb 2014-10

Search box design

The starting point for great intranet search is a well-designed search box.

CMb 2014-09

The mobile intranet: let’s get started

What enterprise functionality are you providing for your smartphone users?


Use the intranet to support leaders

Intranets can play a key role in supporting the work of senior leaders.


Designing a global intranet for an intergovernmental agency

A case study on creating a global intranet that supports democracy worldwide.