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JUNE 2014

Use the intranet to improve customer service

Customer service is make-or-break for many organisations, and intranets can help.

CMb 2014-05

Create information clusters, not pigeon holes

When structuring a site, take a bottom-up approach to identify the right clusters

MAY 2014

How ready is your organisation for social?

The starting point for every social project should be a ‘temperature check’ of readiness.

CMb 2014-04

Big intranet project done … what now?

After a much-deserved break, what should an intranet team do after a major launch?

APRIL 2014

Ideation applications on the intranet

Ideation applications tap into staff knowledge to create and share ideas.

CMb 2014-03

Social must be mobile

Social and collaboration tools must be provided on mobile devices from day one.

MARCH 2014

Target your intranet improvements

Intranet improvements must match business goals, meet staff needs and be practical.

CMb 2014-02

Intranet launch videos

Intranet launch videos can be inspirational, influencing or informative.


Selecting the right SharePoint implementation partner

The right technology partner for a SharePoint project is key, and this requires a good selection process.

CMb 2014-01

Collaboration isn’t free

Enterprise collaboration needs to be deployed seriously to succeed, and not treated as a zero-cost option.