1. Jason

    Great article. I’d definitely have to agree that “delivering business value” and collaboration as a place for doing things (thanks J. Robertson) is what you want your Intranet to be. It’s just a matter of getting your disparate systems online and accessible, then tying it all together via the Intranet! Now, that would be a perfect world.

  2. EphraimJF

    Thanks for articulating the new social and data-driven standards for successful intranets Alex.

    I would love to get a sense of the per-user investment made by companies with highly useful and effective intranets.

    Many small companies (under 500 people) don’t set aside enough resources to have just one person working on the intranet full time. And many companies larger than that don’t invest much in their intranets either.

    I would love to get a sense of the average per-user level of investment, including staff time, consultants and software. Have you got any shareable data on that?

  3. It’s a good question, Ephraim, and I don’t have the dollar data, unfortunately.

    What info we do have is the number of people and companies involved in each individual project (all credits are in the report). The range of resources is considerable:

    – Framestore’s team consists of three people.

    – AMP and Coca-Cola Enterprises both had numerous people involved, and several supporting consultancies.

    – Bennett Jones’ project took two years to build and included three partnering consultancies.

    With Framestore being the exception, I think any significantly valuable, complex intranet is going to have a relatively significant amount of resourcing and funding behind it. It seems old school – shouldn’t we all be using free web-based software for everyting now? ;-) – but it seems to remain the reality.

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Published November 10, 2010

Alex Manchester
Alex Manchester is an alumni of Step Two Designs. He specialises in intranet and enterprise social network research strategy and user experience design. Alex works with a wide range of public and private sector organisations and has over eight years experience in this field.

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