Beyond uncertainty.

I had an opportunity to talk with a good number of the participants at the recent Marcus Evans website and intranet conference. By the end of the two days, I think that many were pretty overwhelmed. It didn't help that a number of the presenters talked about spending literally millions of dollars on intranet, website or CMS projects, and getting very little in return. The web designers heard a lot about the critical importance of culture, people, and change management. The communications people heard a lot about the need for a content management system. The net result was a lot

Plenty of intranet goals.

The starting point for our recent Intranet Peers in Government forum was a discussion of possible intranet goals. Here is what the group brainstormed (in no particular order, and fairly unedited): Provide a reference tool for staff Target information to audience Achieve business improvements Provide best practice examples Establish corporate identity Support geographically isolated staff Communicate information consistently Support business processes Provide a common access point Reduce information overload (e-mails, etc) Provide information self-service Support skills sharing Support networking Reduce workplace costs Reduce information dissemination costs Improve decision making Improve public image Give access to centralised source of information Reduce